Ray Eder Sensei

Current Director

Ray started aikido in 1982 as a student of the late Ron Russell(5th Dan).

In 1993 after the death of Russell Sensei he became a student, and New Zealand representative of Hadyn Foster (7th Dan), head of the Institute of Aikido UK. At the same time this organisation (Institute of Aikido New Zealand) was founded to provide a local Instructors Board and manage affiliation matters

More background

From 1979 Ray trained with Chidokan Karate for 3 years. Having heard of Aikido while still practicing karate he decided to find out more about this 'mysterious' art, and became dedicated to a lifetime of learning and teaching it.

He was graded by the late sensei Ron Russell to Shodan in 1987, Nidan in 1988, and Sandan 1993.
Subsequently he was graded by Sensei Haydn Foster 7th Dan (Technical Director of the Institute of Aikido UK) to Yondan in 2001 and Godan in 2006.
In 2013 he was inducted into the Australasian Martial Arts Hall of Fame - Instructor of the Year - Aikido.
Following the death of Mr Foster in 2011, and having no teacher to look to, Ray applied to the AMAHOF Sokeship Council for a 6th Dan grading in 2016 which he passed in August of that year.

Ray has been head of Kyu Shin Do Aikido (North Shore ) Inc. since it started in 1992.

Ray Eder teaching Irimi Nage

Ray Eder kokyu

Ray Eder