Kenshiro Abbe Sensei

(1915 - 1985)

Abbe Sensei was the first master to arrive in the UK who was allowed to teach aikido outside Japan.
Before that time the teaching of aikido was kept solely for the Japanese

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When Abbe Sensei arrived in the UK in 1955 he was 8th Dan Judo, 6th Dan Karate, 6th Dan Kendo, 6th Dan Kyudo, 6th Dan Aikido,

He began teaching Aikido at the Abbe School of Budo, otherwise known as 'The Hut' dojo.

One of the first students to learn Aikido from Abbe Sensei in the late 1950's was Haydn W Foster.


Sadly there seems to be no video record of Abbe Sensei's aikido but HERE is some footage of his Judo