Institute of Aikido New Zealand

Kyu Shin Do Aikido


The Institute of Aikido New Zealand represents a group of New Zealand aikido clubs which follow the teaching and structure passed down from the founder of Aikido O_Sensei through Kenshiro Abbe, Hadyn Foster and Ron Russell.

We work with the Institute of Aikido UK to honour the memory and teaching of the late Hadyn Foster, one of the earliest practitioners of aikido in the UK while continuing to develop our aikido from the teachings of the wide range of excellent teachers available to us in New Zealand.

We are an independent affiliate of the Institute of Aikido UK.

If you are interested in aikido check out our member clubs. We always welcome beginners and visitors.


Get Off the Couch

Try a couple of aikido classes.
Our clubs offer Free introductory classes.
Its enjoyable exercise but beware,you might just become addicted